If you've just arrived from one our awesome clients and are wondering who or what DealMatrix is, wonder no more.

When you get invited to submit an application via DealMatrix someone is showing interest in you. That's great! It's your time to shine by providing accurate information about your company so they can decide to proceed with your application.

Once you submit your information your company profile is provided to our client for evaluation. You will be kept up-to-date via email on what happens and how they decide to work with you.

But wait, that's not all!

We know that during your lifetime as a startup you will apply to multiple organisations with the same data again and again. On DealMatrix you keep your profile and re-use previous answers for new applications. So you don't need to type in all that information again. Just check if something has changed, add any extra questions that are required and hit that submit button. 

No more wasting time with copy-pasting!

You can directly check some opportunities we offer at www.globalpitch.com/opportunities and www.dealmatrix.com/opportunities to sign up for getting opportunities from us.

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